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July 25, 2021

In the current state of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are obligated to stay at home. The government has imposed orders to continue jobs from home rather than going to offices. 

Working from home sounds exciting and luxurious to many people but our current life scenarios make it a horrible experience for all of us. Unlike the ancient people, we are not conditioned to spend our time while being confined to home. Initially, people get amazed at the thought of working from home but all the fantasies shatter within a few days. 

While being trapped at home, isolation and anxiety settle in. The couch starts squeaking and by the end of the day, we fail to accomplish all our responsibilities. 

But to tie a knot between the chaos of work and home, all we need is some home stress relief remedies. Follow the pattern given below to make this quarantine slightly tolerable.

1. Give a head start to your day:

Giving a head start to your day means waking up 1 hour earlier than your normal schedule. Take a warm bath and get dressed, style your hair as you normally would and wear good and clean outfit. Trick your brain that you are preparing for office so you can settle a good pace at the start of your day.

Practice eating a healthy and filling breakfast to keep you energized and contented throughout the day. 

2. Exercise to revitalize:

Physical activity helps the body to de-stress and unwind. Add some energizing practices in your daily routines such as meditation, yoga or stretching. If you don’t own supplies for an at-home gym, then follow some workout videos on YouTube. They will help you to master quick and easy exercises without any equipment. 

3. Prioritize and Organize:

Don’t let the hard duties of home and office hang over your head. Get rid of the troublesome tasks first so you can relax and focus on your other commitments.

4. Key to a Stress-free life:

Don’t begin your days by watching useless videos on your mobile alternatively, learn to have a gadget-free morning. Open your windows as soon as you wake up to let the sun revive your dull mornings. 

You can also take a day off from your home-office for weekly meal prep. Do all the groceries and cook healthy and delicious meals for your family. Weekly meal prep eliminates the need for grieving about cooking food every day.

5. Refreshing Work Space:

Set a revitalizing work spot for yourself to let your mind speak. A refreshing workspace supports the brain to think out of the box.

Keep a water bottle with you to prevent dehydration and lethargy. Choose a quiet spot to dodge distractions. Set breaks between working hours to relief your body from constant worry. 

6. Interactions for Competence:

Working from home can be boring and lonely. But to tackle the isolation interacting with your loved ones is the most suitable approach. Interactions encourage innovation and creativity that improves your work efficiency. Talk to people either at home or on call to lessen the burden of your heart. 

It is not possible to mimic face-to-face interactions but it also doesn’t mean that you should give up on socializing. Video conference calls can turn as a pleasant alteration to combat anxiety and frustration during solitude. 

7. Have a Break:

A lot of researches have found that work efficiency skyrockets when you work with splits. Practice working straight for an hour followed by a fifteen minutes break afterwards. You can also set a

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