About me

Hello. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Helen, known to my friends as Hels.

For the past 17 years I’ve worked as UK-based freelance writer and editor specialising in health, fitness, travel, tennis as well as celebrity interviews for the national newspapers including The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Mail Online, and The Sun.

Click here to check out my freelance newspaper articles. I’m a regular contributor to The Grocer magazine, one the UK’s leading trade B2B titles as well as the Morning Advertiser and for more than a decade, I covered both Wimbledon and the tournament’s qualifying event for www.wimbledon.com  I also offer a media consultancy service and provide media training.

I’m a rubbish but enthusiastic surfer, slightly better paddle boarder (only just) and keen tennis player.  I ran the London Marathon once (let’s gloss over the time), am a massive fan of sunny destinations, especially Barbados (who isn’t?), beaches and love the great outdoors.

Oh, and I’m also a house bunny mummy to this little guy.

For as long as I can remember my friends have always said to me ‘you’re the busiest and healthiest person I know’. And they’re right about the first part anyway. It sounds cliched but I’ve always been a ‘glass half full’ kind of girl who thrives on being ridiculously busy. The tennis. The fitness. The clean living. The travelling. The socialising. The work. Especially the work. Oh, I’m also known as ‘Chief Agony Aunt’ among my friends and family. This is the way I operate. And I love it.

Except on the night of December 3 2015 my health took an unexpected and very frightening turn for the worst and continued to deteriorate throughout 2016. Read here The world I knew and loved was turned upside down. To this day I still remain a medical conundrum with doctors baffled by the goings on inside my body. So now I’ve decided to blog about it. The ups, the downs and everything in between.

As well a platform for sharing my personal health story, Relax Ya Self to Health will dedicated to all things new in the world of relaxation because, quite frankly, I’m rubbish at this and many others are too.  As part of my quest to unwind, you’ll find articles on how to beat stress, top tips from health and wellness gurus, reviews of wellbeing retreats, spas, healing holidays and the latest body-calming workouts. Oh, and because I love tennis, there’ll be bits and bobs on this too. I do hope you’ll find this blog helpful and join me for the journey. Let’s chill together! x