Joe Wicks talks early nights and his top relaxation tip

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Joe Wicks, aka ‘The Body Coach’, lives just outside Richmond with his fiancée, Rosie Jones, and their eight-month-old daughter Indie.

The fitness guru and Instagram sensation – he has 2.5 million followers – and best selling author (he’s sold more than three million books) recently teamed up with recipe-box company Gousto, to create a range of quick and easy meals for busy people.

The boxes contain fresh ingredients and simple recipe cards to take the stress out of cooking and there are four new dishes to choose from each week.

We caught up with Joe, who just four years worked as a personal trainer running boot camps,  to find out how he relaxes and why he thinks sleep is sacred.

Joe Wicks talks sleep and his top relaxation tip

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
I get up between 7.30am and 8am and do a workout. I bought my semi-detached townhouse near Richmond two years ago and turned the living room into a home gym. It has a treadmill, weights, kettlebells, a spin bike and a wireless speaker. I used to be somebody who hated getting up but I’m better now.

Talk us through a typical day.
After working out, I’ll do an Instagram recipe video. Depending on the day I’ll do photo shoots, interviews, or emails before coming home and doing another recipe, and then just chill with Rosie and Indie – maybe watch a film together.

You split your time between London and LA. Which is your favourite?
Both, they’re my two favourite places in the world. I go to Santa Monica in the Autumn and return to the UK in time for Christmas and the New Year because that’s the busiest time for me. I love the weather, the exercise, outdoor fitness and training on the beach in LA and the river and park in Richmond. We like to take Indie for walks around Richmond Park.

Why did you decide to create recipes with Gousto?
We share the same mission of getting the whole of the UK cooking and enjoying fresh, delicious food that fits around busy schedules. I’ve always said that you can’t out-train a bad diet – and eating fresh, home-cooked food is fundamental to keeping you and your family healthy. Since becoming a Dad it has become even more important for me to cook healthy, tasty meals which keep my family nourished. Time pressures shouldn’t mean that your diet has to suffer.

You’re very energetic. Do you need much sleep to function?
Sleep is one of the most important things. It’s so important for your motivation, your energy levels for exercise and attitude towards the day. I can’t wait to go to bed. It’s the best thing, I love it now. These days – since having Indie – we’re in bed by 9pm. Sometimes she sleeps through the night. My favourite thing to do is lie in bed with her and have a cuddle when she wakes up. She sleeps next to us in a cot and she’s really smiley in the morning.

Do you dream?
I’m a big dreamer. I’ve always got dreams going on in my head.

You’re on the road a lot. Do you enjoy it?
I love travelling and holidays but I also love being able to cook food in my house and am definitely quite a homely person.

Tell us more about your kitchen.
It’s in the basement. It’s neutral with white brick tiles and a nice long worktop. I’m always messing around in it and like to have quite a bit of space when I cook. I do my Instagram videos there. I tend to do most of the cooking, but Rosie and I have started creating recipe-box meals together where we do a few steps each, which is quite fun.

What’s your go-to relaxation method?
I listen to really nice acoustic, chilled guitar or Mellow Magic. Indie loves that.

Joe Wicks range for the recipe-box company Gousto is available now. Meals start at £2.98, with free delivery seven days a week.

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