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I generally cover health, lifestyle, and travel features as well and celebrity interviews, a selection of which can be found below:





Is your love of cheese giving you an upset tummy?

Monty Panesar takes our health quiz

Olympic silver medallist Roger Black goes under the microscope in our health quiz

UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: Former X Factor judge Louis Walsh, 63, answers our health quiz

How to get a six-pack like Gisele and a bum like Jennifer Lopez: Celebrity trainer shows FEMAIL six (tortuous) moves that shape the stars’ physiques

 ‘I’d rather do alternative medicine than go to the GP’: Olympic gold medalist Linford Christie under the microscope

‘Andy grew up wanting to beat Jamie’: Judy Murray reveals her sons started playing ‘cereal box’ table tennis as children – and admits they’ve ALWAYS been competitive

Former Strictly champ Caroline Flack reveals what the show is REALLY like – as she backs her pal Laura Whitmore to win this year’s title

‘Between my two marriages I lived by myself for 17 years and used to get quite lonely’: Tony Blackburn under the microscope

‘When I was 14 I started to get breakouts on my face… I was even called pizza face’: Under the microscope with Nicole Scherzinger





PAT CASH: My back is smashed!

Young people are being misled in their quest to get an Essex smile as they aren’t told their £1,000 tooth veneers need replacing every 10 years





‘There’s no escaping tinnitus – the maddening high pitched din in my ears which plagues me from dusk ’til dawn’

Sally Phillips: I turn into a sort of slave at home





Martine McCutcheon keeps track of her cholesterol but still enjoys her favourite treats

LESSONS IN LIFE We meet two students who use self-help mindfulness techniques to deal with exam stress and even avoid family arguments

‘He could have died in his 30s’ Meet the eight-year-old boy who has the cholesterol levels of an unfit OAP – but an early diagnosis saved his life

Turn off, unplug and chill out by taking a digital detox just like Ed Sheeran

Home testing kits gave me a health scare… were they right?

10 illnesses for your GP … not your search engine

New balls please – Four guys who have survived testicular cancer

Specsaved me – Opticians trip discovers dad’s tumour

From a fetish model to a burlesque dancer – these everyday women live VERY different lives at the end of the workday

Mass keep-fit is like one giant party – Sun girl Helen braves One Live – a day-long fitness festival in Glasgow

Can 4 mins get you fit?

How risky are germs we touch each day?

Rih-sons to visit Barbados Gorgeous beaches, fish fry parties, bikini babes, rum shops… Barbados’ attractions are endless

Angelina Jolie has ovaries removed after cancer scare

Specsaved me EXCLUSIVE: Opticians trip discovers dad’s tumour